Notes on Back and Body Acne

The bad news isn’t solely reserved for oily skin types, however, as back and body acne is also prevalent in the unlucky few who have barely experienced so much as a pimple on their face. Back and body acne differs a little from facial acne as it’s triggered when hair follicles become infected. That said, […]

Christine Centenera

“I’ve been a regular client of Melanie Grant for 8 years. She has magic hands and has completely transformed my skin. There is no one I trust more, not only with treatment but guidance on my overall skin quality and health. Her advice is always honest and I trust her expertise explicitly.”

Notes on Pores

Cleanse ✔️Cleanse twice daily, with a double cleanse at night to keep your skin clean. This will prevent your pores from being stretched out from a build up of oil, dirt, makeup and dead skin cells. look for products that contain salicylic acid (an oil soluble acid) to penetrate deep into the pores to liquify […]

Harper’s BAZAAR · Ace Of Face

IF WHALE MUSIC AND THE flitter-flutter of a therapist’s fingers sounds like the most blissful way to experience a facial, move along, honey —there’s nothing to see at Melanie Grant’s chic Double Bay salon. Don’t let the glam white decor and calming vibe lull you into a false sense of Zen — once you enter […]

RUSSH · The 10 Commandments

For Chanel, perfecting a simple idea – a moisturiser specifically designed for sensitive skin – took four years and 117 different formulations before they landed on the final product: La Solution 10 de Chanel. After speaking with Dr Amy Wechsler, consultant dermatologist and psychiatrist to Christian Mahé, head of Chanel Research & Technology, and Melanie […]

ELLE · How To Get Flawless Skin

ELLE sat down with Grant in her salon in Double Bay and discovered her skin secrets, maintenance and anti-ageing tips.

Beauticate · How To Get Supermodel Skin

As we’ve established, there’s no shortage of good genetics for models. It accounts for those long-limbs, high cheekbones and Amazonian height, even sans stiletto. But, when it comes to skin, they’re job is one big hazard and it takes a lot of dedication to the process to keep it camera-ready. And, it starts at home […]