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VOGUE AUSTRALIA · Two of a Kind.

Tapping into the wisdom of her Australian facialist and friend Melanie Grant, Victoria Beckham’s latest skincare formula proves there’s power in pairing up. By Remy Rippon. In the popular Netflix documentary series Beckham, the soccer star quizzes his wife of 24 years on her day ahead. Clad in a baseball cap, leggings and bright white […]

VOGUE Victoria Beckham’s Good Skin Starts with This Double Cleanse.

If you have seen the Beckham documentary series on Netflix, you will remember the now infamous scene in which Victoria announces to David that she is off to work. “I am off to the fashion factory kids!” she says. “Where are you really going?” her husband replies. “… For a facial,” she concedes. As it turns out, […]

L’OFFICIEL · Victoria Beckham Beauty Leans Into Double Cleansing for Optimal Skin 

Victoria Beckham collaborates with renowned skin expert, Melanie Grant, to formulate the Daily Cleansing Protocol. Melanie Grant, a facialist and longtime friend of Victoria Beckham has developed a delightful partnership with Posh Spice for her eponymous beauty brand, Victoria Beckham Beauty. Together, they imagined the Daily Cleansing Protocol, a high-end care solution at the cutting edge of technology aimed […]

THE AUSTRALIAN · From Melanie Grant to Emma Lewisham: Skin experts on how hormones impact your beauty routine

Some of Australia’s most respected beauty founders have warned about toxic ingredients in skincare and fragrance that can disrupt a woman’s hormones. “Endocrine disrupters” are natural or man-made chemicals that “may mimic or interfere with the body’s hormones, known as the endocrine system”, commonly found in skincare and fragrances. And the beauty industry is seeing […]

Professional Beauty July-August 2023 · Melanie Grant’s Midas Skincare Touch

This go-to skincare specialist and author is renowned across the globe for her tailored made facials. She reveals to Anita Quade the top trends and her synergy with high-end formulations. Welcome back from your whirlwind travels for Chanel fashion week recently – can you let us in on any skincare trends you have noticed? “SLUGGING […]

Notes on The Impacts of Sleeping in your Makeup

While it may seem innocuous and understandably tempting after a late night, sleeping in your makeup can wreak havoc on our skin. Cleansing our face daily is such a vital element of our skincare regime and an incredibly important one in attaining a clear complexion.  Frequently sleeping in your makeup has considerable consequences for long-term […]