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Notes On…Face Oils

It’s not uncommon to be intimidated by facial oils, and it can also be hard not to worry about blemishes, heaviness and congestion when we’re all so used to a culture of squeaky cleanness. Though in their defense facial oils are a really concentrated way to deliver vital nutrients and deep and lasting moisture to […]

Notes On…Masking

A little luxury can often go a long way, especially where your skin is concerned. I love to apply a mask at least once or twice a week to boost my complexion with vitamins, nutrients and minerals. I usually mix and layer my masks and serums to really customise my treatment and optimise results. I […]

Notes On…Layering Skincare

Here are a few things to remember when layering skincare… Thinnest to thickest texture: Apply from light to heavy. Start with your most watery products, such as toners, serums, mists and essences. Heavier products, such as lotions, moisturisers, oils and creams come next, followed by sunscreen as your final step. Water-based before oil-based: Oil and […]

Notes On…Body Oils

I love to incorporate a body oil into my daily routine. See how… Add a dash to the bath Apply whilst in the shower and lightly rinse to condition your skin with zero residue (I like to do this in the morning to ensure no residue ends up on my clothes) Apply after your shower […]

Notes On…Biologique Recherche Cleansers

In the morning I like to reach for a gentle cleanser to remove any oil, sweat, and debris from my skin or leftover product from the night before. By doing this I’m preparing my skin to best receive my serums and hydrators. For the evening I’m an avid believer in a double cleanse. The first […]

Notes On…P50

Hailed as a ‘facial in a bottle’ Lotion P50 is a progressive, purifying, cleansing, balancing and re-conditioning liquid exfoliant. A low pH formula that gently exfoliates the skin with a combination of AHA’s, BHA’s and PHA’s along with botanical, mineral and vitamin extracts to balance and fortify the complexion. Lotion P50 is a mainstay in […]

Notes On…Sun Protection

By now, you’re likely well-versed in the essentiality of sun protection. Sunscreen is my number one skincare mandate (Every. Single. Day.) The sunscreen lexicon is ever-expanding, so I’ve collated a few notes below to help you distinguish between the different forms of sun protection, and decode the labels. Chemical Sunscreen is a variant of sunscreen […]

Notes on Sunscreen 🌞 

Chemical Sunscreen is a variant of sunscreen that employs chemical agents to protect against the sun. Chemical agents absorb UV light within the skin and dissipates it as heat energy. Chemical sunscreen is the preferred choice for most skin types especially blemish probe, congested, dehydrated, dry and mature skin types. It sits nicely under make-up, […]