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VOGUE Italia · The Skincare Tips of Melanie Grant

From diet for the skin to face lifting effect massage: the advice of Melanie Grant, facialist of celebs, including Victoria Beckham, who is “obsessed with skincare” Skin care for Melanie Grant is serious business, but it’s also a very simple thing. “One of the most widespread prejudices related to skincare is that it must be […]

Vogue Australia · 11 products Victoria Beckham swears by for a no-fuss beauty routine

The first secret to a glowing complexion, according to Vogue Australia’s July cover star Victoria Beckham? “Discipline,” she says, “is key.” Unsurprisingly then, Beckham’s routine is a rigorous one. The former pop star and fashion designer begins by drinking apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning, and washing her face with ice-cold water to reduce puffiness. And when […]

The Cut · How Victoria Beckham’s Facialist Gets Her Skin So Good

If you follow Victoria Beckham, Nicole Warne, or Joan Smalls on Instagram, you might be familiar with Melanie Grant — or at least her hands. After all, it’s the aesthetician’s hands that guide celebrities and influencers through her facials in Australia (where she has two studios in Sydney and Melbourne), Los Angeles (where she set […]

Victoria Beckham Beauty· Skin Pro Melanie Grant’s Healthy Skin Barrier Tips

Victoria’s favourite facialist’s skin barrier-protecting routine is all you need. “Think of your skin’s barrier like a shield—it locks out bacteria and pathogens and locks in hydration and moisture. Symptoms such as dry skin, itchiness, redness, sensitivity are all signs of an impaired barrier. If you’re experiencing any of these, put down your harsh actives […]

VOGUE · Road Test

They say you should come into the new year the way you want to spend the rest of it. For me, this meant lots of champagne and a dance with a (very small, Covid-safe) group of friends. It also meant freshly-facialled skin. Getting a facial on December 31 might not be every person’s idea of […]

Grazia UK· The Beauty Prep Behind Victoria Beckham’s Catwalk Glow…

Every season Victoria Beckham delivers a classic, timeless show with a fresh-faced beauty look – and Autumn/Winter’20 was no different. Healthy, glowing skin was the order of the day for pro-facialist, Melanie Grant and the ‘mother of make-up’, Pat McGrath who were called upon to create the look. We had the chance to speak to the beauty […]