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VOGUE AUSTRALIA · Two of a Kind.

Tapping into the wisdom of her Australian facialist and friend Melanie Grant, Victoria Beckham’s latest skincare formula proves there’s power in pairing up. By Remy Rippon. In the popular Netflix documentary series Beckham, the soccer star quizzes his wife of 24 years on her day ahead. Clad in a baseball cap, leggings and bright white […]

VOGUE Victoria Beckham’s Good Skin Starts with This Double Cleanse.

If you have seen the Beckham documentary series on Netflix, you will remember the now infamous scene in which Victoria announces to David that she is off to work. “I am off to the fashion factory kids!” she says. “Where are you really going?” her husband replies. “… For a facial,” she concedes. As it turns out, […]

BRITISH VOGUE · The 5 Golden Rules Of Beautiful Skin, According To Victoria Beckham’s Facialist

Melanie Grant is an in-demand celebrity facialist, whose skin health bible, The Modern Guide To Skin Health, boasts a preface written by her client, Victoria Beckham. “With two decades of industry experience and state-of-the-art studios in Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles and London, as well as temporary residencies in Paris, Melanie has established herself as one of the world’s […]

BRITISH VOGUE · 4 Celebrity Facialists On What It Takes To Achieve Award-Winning Skin

Every red-carpet appearance is prefaced by a multitude of beauty treatments, but perhaps the most important are those performed on the face. Facials not only help improve the quality of the skin, but also what’s beneath it, creating the ultimate canvas for beautiful make-up – a nonnegotiable when you’re being photographed. So what, exactly, does […]

VOGUE · 5 Beauty Rules From Victoria Beckham’s Facialist

Los Angeles-based facialist Melanie Grant had a very-VIP client write the preface to her book The Modern Guide to Skin Health—longtime client Victoria Beckham.  “Melanie has established herself as one of the world’s leading skincare experts,” Beckham shares in the preface, crediting her two decades of working with skin as part of her expertise.  Here are […]

VOGUE France · Victoria Beckham shares her 3 skincare rituals for superb skin

Victoria Beckham : sa routine skincare en 3 étapes clés Faire des masques LED à la maison Cette première astuce a sans aucun doute été recommandée par sa facialiste et amie Melanie Grant, qui en vante les bienfaits dans son livre “The Modern Guide to Skin Health” (une véritable bible sur la santé de la […]

VOGUE Italia · The Skincare Tips of Melanie Grant

From diet for the skin to face lifting effect massage: the advice of Melanie Grant, facialist of celebs, including Victoria Beckham, who is “obsessed with skincare” Skin care for Melanie Grant is serious business, but it’s also a very simple thing. “One of the most widespread prejudices related to skincare is that it must be […]

Vogue Australia · Will TikTok help me cleanse better?

TikTok is a wealth of wisdom when it comes to mastering the basics of cleansing. Some tips you can probably pass on, like decanting seawater into a bottle to wash your face at home, but there’s also something quite cathartic about watching someone wash their face.  That’s not to say that one person’s advice can quickly […]