Notes on Beside Beauty Essentials

From hardworking multi-taskers to products that add a touch of luxury to the every day, these are the staples you’ll always find on my bedside.

Lip treatment
Oftentimes we neglect our lips when thinking about bigger-picture skincare. Along with regularly using an exfoliator (my favourite is homemade: equal parts brown sugar and coconut oil), I always have a nourishing lip treatment at arm’s reach and add a swipe before bed. 

A multi-purpose oil
A drop of oil can be used as a final skincare step at night or added to your moisturiser for added glow but I also love using it as a luxurious cuticle treatment.

Hand cream
I love decadent hand cream. After massaging in a cuticle oil I’ll follow with a hand cream to nourish and hydrate the skin overnight.

Hydrating Mist
Dousing the skin in a refreshing veil of moisture and locking in active ingredients from serums and moisturisers, I love a spritz of a hydrating mist to refresh the skin- you’ll find them on my desk, bedside and handbag. I keep them in the fridge for an extra level of refreshment.

Silk sleep mask
I love a silk eye mask and often use one to help me get to sleep, especially when travelling you’ll always find one in my carry-on. It’s an incredibly relaxing tool to help me decompress.

Carafe of water
Hydration is vital to optimal skin health, I always keep a carafe of water by my bedside.