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Notes On Ageing

Ageing is natural and inevitable! It happens to everyone, regardless of gender or genetics. I encourage a preventive approach to ageing focusing on really nurturing the skin from the inside out, embracing the skin you’re in and ageing gracefully. I take a 360-degree approach to support optimal skin health with a comprehensive at-home regime, regular […]

Notes On…Makeup Removal

It’s no secret that I’m an advocate for a double cleanse in the evenings. And a vital part of this ensuring your makeup is completely removed. Sleeping in your makeup is proven to impair cells and inhibit the natural processes of repair and regeneration that our skin naturally carries out on its own overnight. This […]

Notes On…Friday Night DIY

It’s no secret that I love a DIY facial at home – and some of my favourite masks, scrubs and treatments can be made using pantry stables and fresh produce found in your very own kitchen. Using raw ingredients is not only a sustainable and economical way to give your complexion a boost, it makes […]

Notes On…Summer Skin

Modifying the care of your complexion in line with the seasons doesn’t have to be a big undertaking or a big investment. Often a few purposeful substitutes can make the world of difference, especially when going from Winter to Summer. When it comes to my home regime, a few simple, strategic swaps always see me […]

Notes On…Night Cream

I’m often asked if we really need to use a night cream and my answer is always a resounding ‘yes!’. Unlike your day cream that should be fortified with a broad spectrum SPF (if it’s not, it should be!), night creams are designed to assist in facilitating the skin’s own innate functions of regeneration and […]

Notes On…Face Oils

It’s not uncommon to be intimidated by facial oils, and it can also be hard not to worry about blemishes, heaviness and congestion when we’re all so used to a culture of squeaky cleanness. Though in their defense facial oils are a really concentrated way to deliver vital nutrients and deep and lasting moisture to […]

Notes On…CHANEL Cleansers

The new CHANEL Cleansing Collection comprises of seven unique formulations each with their own textural attributes. From a soothing micellar water to a nourishing milk, an invigorating foaming cleanser to a luxurious oil – each designed to purify, detoxify and neutralise free radicals across a multitude of skin types and concerns. These can be easily […]

Notes On…Eye Care Pt 2

My philosophy on skincare is simple, prevention is always best. The skin around our eyes is ultra delicate and usually the first area to show signs of ageing. This is due to the skin being much finer with very few oil glands to keep the skin supple and trap water. As we age we also […]

Notes On…Rosacea

A common concern I often see in my Studios is Rosacea. Often many of us don’t even realise we have it – which is only made more trying by the fact that the condition itself is so vaguely understood and that it can be so difficult to diagnose in the first place. Unlike typical sensitivity-based […]

Notes On…Masking

A little luxury can often go a long way, especially where your skin is concerned. I love to apply a mask at least once or twice a week to boost my complexion with vitamins, nutrients and minerals. I usually mix and layer my masks and serums to really customise my treatment and optimise results. I […]