Notes On Building Out An Effective Skincare Arsenal

Building out an effective skincare arsenal ❤️ As the largest and most outward facing organ of the body, the skin is susceptible to constant change. Rarely does its state stay the same; at any given moment it may be dehydrated due to the effects of central heating and hot showers, or congested after exposure to […]

Notes On Ageing

Ageing is natural and inevitable! It happens to everyone, regardless of gender or genetics. I encourage a preventive approach to ageing focusing on really nurturing the skin from the inside out, embracing the skin you’re in and ageing gracefully. I take a 360-degree approach to support optimal skin health with a comprehensive at-home regime, regular […]

Notes On…Night Cream

I’m often asked if we really need to use a night cream and my answer is always a resounding ‘yes!’. Unlike your day cream that should be fortified with a broad spectrum SPF (if it’s not, it should be!), night creams are designed to assist in facilitating the skin’s own innate functions of regeneration and […]

Notes On…CHANEL Cleansers

The new CHANEL Cleansing Collection comprises of seven unique formulations each with their own textural attributes. From a soothing micellar water to a nourishing milk, an invigorating foaming cleanser to a luxurious oil – each designed to purify, detoxify and neutralise free radicals across a multitude of skin types and concerns. These can be easily […]

Notes On…Body Oils

I love to incorporate a body oil into my daily routine. See how… Add a dash to the bath Apply whilst in the shower and lightly rinse to condition your skin with zero residue (I like to do this in the morning to ensure no residue ends up on my clothes) Apply after your shower […]