Notes on An Optimal Morning Routine

My philosophy to skincare is all about taking a preventative approach rather than a reactive one and our morning regime is where we do exactly that, prevent! Our skin works tirelessly to protect us from sun exposure, pollution, free radicals and other environmental factors, which means each step and ingredient in our morning routine is […]

Notes on Expensive Products Don’t Always Equal Better Results

Expensive skincare does not automatically equate to a superior level of performance and rate of effectiveness. What is more important than price is choosing a well-formulated product containing ingredients that work for your specific skin type and concern. It’s important to understand that often when you’re paying premium prices for skincare, you’re not only paying […]

Notes on Skincare in our teens

Between acne, blackheads, enlarged pores and excess oil, navigating teenage skin can be challenging. The teenage years are all about prevention and treating any skin conditions that flare up in a conscious and gentle manner. Sticking to a simple daily skincare routine can help to target these concerns, as well as instilling positive skincare habits […]

Notes on Skincare in our 20s

Skincare in our 20s should be centred around prevention and creating good habits with a few simple and well-placed products to support the skin for optimal health. Often leaving your teens behind and moving into the chapter of adult skin is when we see the complexion begin to balance itself out and become more stable, […]

Notes on Skincare in our 30s

Our 20s were all about a preventive approach, creating good habits to prep our skin for our 30s. This decade calls for a few more supercharged ingredients and once optional steps in a regime become essential.  Our 30s require a targeted and corrective approach, focusing on healing the skin of any conditions that you may […]

Notes on An Optimal Evening Routine

The evening skincare routine exists to balance and restore the skin after everything it has experienced throughout the day. Sun exposure, pollution and other environmental aggressors take their toll. Think of your evening routine as a time for rest and repair. It’s also the perfect opportunity to incorporate some overachieving active ingredients, as these are […]

Notes on Daily/Weekly/Monthly Skincare Routine

Less is sometimes more, and I always recommend a streamlined and effective regime where every product and ingredient has a place and purpose. Knowing where all your products fit into your routine can be difficult to distinguish, so below are some suggestions for the ideal daily, weekly and monthly skincare rituals to achieve ongoing results […]

Notes on A Maximalist Skincare Regime

The most effective skincare regimes are those that are the most simple – though this doesn’t mean you have to suppress your maximalist tendencies. Just make sure you’re using them to your advantage. Yes, a maximalist and an effective skincare regime can co-exist harmoniously. My number one tip for the maximalists amongst us: more is […]